Our Factory and process!

POLREY Furniture was conceived with the ambitious idea of reproducing these unique styles using new technology with new products that offer greater strength, comfort and durability. Our company was the first in North America to use the reaction injection mold system (RIM) to manufacture furniture. A technical team of Italians and Frenchmen offer support and advice when needed. Also important is the support of transnational suppliers that have become involved in each and every new development that our company initiates.

We have the most robust and modern facilities in the western hemisphere, with a surface area of 150,000 square feet. We are proud of our 150 employees as well as of our engineering team at each of our different production areas. Here we manufacture all of our furniture from beginning to end, using an advanced production technique that combines wood, metal and polyurethane. Resistance to impact, durability, and unmatched elegance is guaranteed.

Each piece of furniture is finished and decorated by hand with a special patina treatment. Any of our extensive variety of models can be ordered in several finishes: cherry, walnut, gold, antique white or antique white with pastel colored accents.

Our modern fabrication method eliminates problems with finishes due to drastic temperature changes, humidity, and even outside exposure. The finishes are resistant to most dissolving agents.

As always, all POLREY products can be repaired or varnished with conventional materials. They can be cut, nailed, glued, sanded or touched up using traditional techniques and materials.

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